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tore through mississippi uprooting trees. two other twisters touched down in arkansas and missouri. this morning large parts of the country are bracing for more. maria molina is tracking it all in the weather center. this has been a crazy overnight. >>maria: that's right. good morning. good to see you. unfortunately we still have more ongoing severe weather right now across parts of kentucky, the state of west virginia, down through portions of tennessee, alabama, mississippi. multiple states here involved. the severe weather this morning with a number of tornado watches in effect, many of these throughout the morning hours and the latest one issued across eastern concern concern including western portions of the state of virginia until 1:30 eastern time. a strong cold front continues to push eastward. ahead of it warm temperatures. that is what is helping the strong storms produce the severe weather. we had a number of tornado warnings issues. what these tornado warnings mean is there could currently be a tornado on the ground. you've got to take these warnings seriously. when the
weather across places in louisiana, mississippi. that cold air across places in the west will actually impact portions of this frontal system. we'll be seeing freezing rain across northeastern portions of the state of louisiana and west central portions of mississippi. we could actually be seeing accumulations of ice out here of up to half an inch. please be careful on the road ways. >>steve: maria, thank you very much. >>gretchen: coming up, could james bond be the answer to the gun debate? vice president joe biden thinks yes. how close are we to making that smart gun a reality. up next. >>peter: a big change comes in happy meals. find out what's in, what's out. there's the sign to the bullpen. here he comes. you wouldn't want your doctor doing your job, the pitch! whoa! so why are you doing his? only your doctor can determine if your persistent heartburn is actually something more serious like acid reflux disease. over time, stomach acid can damage the lining of your esophagus. for many, prescription nexium not only provides 24-hour heartburn relief, but can also help heal acid-relat
, in the new season. you moved to mississippi and i know i was watching some of your stuff on-line last night and with the new season in mississippi, they've got mud there that you didn't have before and when you're working with the gators, that's dangerous. >> yeah. it's a big change from florida. we didn't know what to expect until we got to mississippi. and as soon as we jumped off that first boat into the mud and we sank up to our necks, we were like, what did we get ourselves into? >> brian: up to your neck? >> yeah. the mud was horrible. >> steve: the gator can be on top of the mud, but you're stuck in it and suddenly advantage gator. >> exactly. >> they're still lightning fast in that mud and we're the opposite. >> gretchen: brian and i had a chance to actually do some work with some gators recently. >> brian: if you like this footage, maybe we could work on footage. it was scaring 500,000 people. so i rounded it up. i got on its back and pressed it into the ground. >> gretchen: i took on a bigger critter. wait until you see the one that i ended up wrestling. >> steve: it's down at the
. been weird. you match the radar in mississippi. they will see some snow across the south, but to get one to four inches across mississippi, that's a rare event. that doesn't happen very often. look at the radar lighting up across much of the state of mississippi, already an inch, a little bit or more across jackson. we've got reports of accidents. people are urged to stay off the road ways. if you head more north, a rain event across the mid-atlantic. that is going to change as cold air gets pulled sourgtd war. one to four inches across dixie. circumstance to -- 6 to 12 inches across the mountainous regions. 34 in nashville. one to three inches across dixie. as we get towards the mid-atlantic and the appalachians, up to a foot of snow. some areas are getting more snow in mississippi than chicago this year. incredible. >>gretchen: janice, thanks for the update. let's now go outside. i'm very jealous because the guys are going to be scooting off in some hot car. >> we're probably going to give one away to one of us. 60 years ago around the corner from this studio at the waldorf astoria
, a half an inch of ice across northern portions of louisiana, mississippi. we're looking at that possible yet again today. >>steve: maria molina in the weather center, thank you very much. >>gretchen: a huge announcement from the nation's largest retailer today. how wal-mart is about to help out our nation's vets in a big way. roeubt -- >>eric: the white house might be gearing up to bypass congress on gun control. can the president do that? the judge going to weigh in today. >>gretchen: he looks fantas what do we want to build next ? that's the question. every day. when you have the most advanced tools, you want to make something with them. something that helps. helps safeguard our shores. helps someone see through a wall of fire. helps those nowhere near the right doctor stand a chance. ... feeling in the extremities ? no. technology can do that. who can tell me the third life cycle stage of the frog ? it can take a sick kid to school. nathan. tadpole. and help ensure a constant supply of clean energy. the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even
of mississippi and alabama, into south carolina, georgia and the panhandle of florida it is a soaker today. in our new york studios, the air temperature is 25. only # in -- only 9 in cleveland. portions of new england, temperatures below zero. 30's, currently 30 in the dallas-fort worth metro plex. eventually v.f.w. up to 50 degrees. raleigh durham temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. freezing in rapid city and in denver. >>alisyn: it's really cold so, what does brian kilmeade do? >>brian: i'm getting ready to work out with two very fit women. a sugar bowl stunner. it's like florida says if we can't win the championship game we might as well not show up for the post season. louisville stuns the gators 33-23. ray lewis retired. we'll have more later. everyone is writing thousands of e-mails, tweets and everything else. they want to know why it's been polled on fox news talk. paying the same amount of money, not getting the programming. since there is no satellite channel other than xm sirius, if you're a describeer, fox news -- if you're a subscriber, fox news no longer on. less content,
an ice storm warning in effect across northeastern portions of louisiana through mississippi, up into tennessee for the rest of the morning. >>steve: thank you very much. meanwhile speaking of ice, he was stranded for hours on an icy colorado lake but a brave park ranger saved this deer life by walking on to the frozen water with nothing but a rope. paerbg ranger todd taylor joins us live. take us back in time to thursday over by the cooler's plant in colorado. passersby saw a deer in the middle of the lake. what did you decide to do? >> after responding, i met with the colorado park and wildlife officials. the deer was out on the ice approximately 200 yards from the shoreline. we met and were trying to think of strategies of the best way to get the deer off the ice. >>steve: we've got a picture of you approaching him. you're in an orange suit. tell me what that ice rescue suit does. >> the ice rescue suit basically keeps me warm should i fall into the water. it also is rigged with ropes for safety to be pulled to shore if i need assistance. >>steve: as we look at this picture, i
, mississippi and northern louisiana where we have a greater chance to see longer track tornadoes. otherwise widespread severe weather expected from texas to portions of indiana. if you live out here, stay alert. you've got to seek shelter if you get warnings. damaging winds a big concern. they could be in excess of 70 miles per hour. a tornado watch has been issued this morning, oklahoma city you are included in that. we have strong storms on the western end of this watch. it does go into effect until noon local time. the storm heads eastbound tomorrow. severe weather forecast from the southeast into the mid-atlantic. >>steve: a lot going on. thank you very much, maria. >>brian: we could have come to work in shorts and tank tops today. it is beautiful outside. wednesday it will be 55 degrees. >>gretchen: and then it will get cold again. >>steve: i don't think so. i think we'll go right into spring. >>gretchen: the groundhog is on saturday. >>steve: bobo is back? >>brian: absolutely. according to the iranians. >>gretchen: next on the rundown, justice delayed for the self-proclaimed mastermin
, it's going away. >> juliet: that sounds good. this is e-mail from jackie, mississippi. what should i focus on in 2013, born january 29, 1962. natchez, mississippi, 1:30 p.m. >> well, jackie has gemini rising. i hope she is in the communication business 'cause she's a brilliant thinker, writer, speaker. she has a whole line - up of planets in aquarius. she could work in politics. she can work on the internet, anything new, electronic, software, telecommunications. she has a brilliant chart. for all those aconveyer young planners -- aconveyerian planners, love, love. i haven't had good things to say for aquarians for a long time. >> juliet: let's say you were a libra and hoping to have a child in the near future. will your hopes come alive? >> you know, now that jupiter is luck, it's called trying -- the most heavenly aspect you could ever get. so i would urge you to conceive before june 25 'cause jupiter moves. >> juliet: i got to get on it! >> you got to get on it. >> juliet: that's good news. >> it would be a sweet baby. >> juliet: it would be darling. i'm telling you. are we going
the gulf coast of texas, l.a., alabama and mississippi. shower activity in portions of the northern plains. as you head out the door on this wednesday that's going to feel like a monday to a lot of you, it's 3 below in caribou, maine. 17 in minneapolis. baker's dozen in chicago and in cleveland. here in the big town of new york city only 22. double that and you've got 44. that is what it is currently in raleigh durum. today it will eventually be freezing in new york, it will be 1 in caribou. almost two dozen in minneapolis and in rapid city. out in denver, front range of the rockies, they'll have 30. across much of texas they'll be in the 40's. gulf coast a few 50's in spots like new orleans. in tampa -- >>juliet: let's head there. >>steve: that's the spot to be. looks like their daytime high will be 75. let's talk orange bowl. >>brian: the super bowl will be in new orleans unless they decide to change venues at the last minute and move to illinois. the bowl championship was no match for florida state in the orange bowl. touchdown would be the score. seminoles storm past the huskies 31-10.
inches of rain before it's all done. as you can see, it's going right up the mississippi valley, into the tennessee valley and heading toward o viewers there, get ready. scotch guard things. today, right now in cleveland, ohio, 28 degrees. about the same for chicago. a little warmer in minneapolis. 41 in kansas city. 40s and 50s across much of texas. 50s and 60s across much of dixie land. but that cold front is moving through. today's daytime highs, it should be 60 in raleigh. 63 in atlanta. the spot to be on this map would be tampa, florida. 86 later today. that's your fox travelcast. gretch, brian, back in to you. >> gretchen: it makes sense to have the diamond ring 'cause the diamond ring is already on the luxury tax card, isn't it? >> brian: yeah, i believe it is. that's also a risk and a purchase that many people don't feel as though they want to. steve, the thimble, you know i'm going for the thimble. you heard him mention he wants it out. not a word from doocy defending my support of the thimble. >> steve: that's what -- you want the thimble out. i said i'd like to see th
rain we got yesterday in portions of texas. also into louisiana and mississippi. in some cases, over a foot of rain in 24 to 48 hours. so that system is pushing up into the great lakes and the ohio river valley. we actually have freezing rain and also some ice storm warnings across portions of the upper midwest. be real careful. the big winter storm that's bringing temperatures 25 below zero across the west and eventually going to make its way across the central u.s. look at all these winter weather advisories. over a dozen states in some sort of winter weather advisory. freezing rain, ice storm warnings across portions of the upper midwest where it will be really dangerous to drive. take care. back to you. >> eric: by the way, it's all board sports. no speedos. >> steve: speedo makes them. >> eric: i wouldn't know about that. >> very nice. pictures. >> eric: what, are you paging through the speedo catalog? >> alisyn: let's get to what's happening this weekend. you can expect controversy at the box office this weekend because two brand-new movies have been criticized by fans and lawm
of the mississippi felt that crazy weather in the past 24 hours and some of it has been deadly. the host stimulus package situation with the five-year-old boy still going on. why some unions are raising serious flags about obamacare. we'll tell you about that. there is breaking news from the middle east. syria and lebanon demanding retaliation against israel. we'll tell you what that's about when martha if i see -- and i see you in ten minutes . what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a cough suppressant. great. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus severe cold and flu fights your worst flu symptoms, plus that cough with a fast acting cough suppressant. [ sighs ] thanks!... [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook. progress-oh! -oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ wh do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are sayin
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)